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Your Subaru is the ultimate on- and off-road companion, so it's important to keep up with all aspects of Subaru maintenance. If you don't know the last time your Subaru model received battery service, it's a good idea to bring it down to our Subaru dealership in Boone, NC. Our certified Subaru repair technicians can perform a battery inspection and determine if your vehicle requires a car battery replacement. We can handle everything from Subaru battery installations to more extensive auto repairs, too, so you can visit our NC Subaru dealer for all your local auto service needs!

When Do I Need a New Car Battery?

You may need a Subaru battery replacement when:

  • Your vehicle is taking longer than usual to start
  • The battery is more than three years old
  • You’ve needed to jumpstart the battery multiple times
  • Your electronics and lights are malfunctioning

You can buy a new car battery at Modern Subaru of Boone, located at 185 Modern Drive. Purchasing a car battery replacement is a crucial part of maintaining your Subaru vehicle's longevity, so trust our team for all your car battery sales needs. When you have questions about how much a car battery costs, let the team at our Boone Subaru dealership get you the information you’re looking for. We want to help you find a competitive car battery price when you're seeking a new car battery replacement in Boone, NC.

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Subaru Battery Installation near Me

Whether you're looking for a Subaru battery installation or any other auto repairs nearby, you can visit Modern Subaru of Boone with confidence. Our local Subaru service experts know the exact car battery that your Subaru SUV or sedan requires. We'll equip your Outback or Ascent with the proper battery replacement and help you get back on the road quickly, so browse our Subaru battery coupons online to get started!

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Car Battery Coupons near Me

Are you interested in saving on your new Subaru battery price? Ask our team about the Subaru service specials and car battery coupons that may be available. We'll help you save on your Subaru battery cost and also the price of your car battery repair or replacement service.