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How Does the Outback Compare to its Boone Competitors?
See Advantages over the Chevy Equinox, Ford Explorer and Nissan Murano

Adventure ready wagons and crossovers, like the new 2018 Subaru Outback, are hugely popular and you have a great option when you're shopping over here at our Boone, NC Subaru dealership serving Lenoir, Banner Elk, West Jefferson, Wilkesboro and Elizabethton. We're positive you'll be talking about the new Outback and how it compares to the competition. It's perfect for weekend outdoorsey trips in the Blue Ridge Mountains or carting the family around town as it combines a blend of reasonable efficienty with plenty of utility, AWD capabilities and so much more! To give you an idea of why we'd choose the new Outback above the rest, we're comparing it to the new Chevy Equinox, Ford Explorer and Nissan Murano.


2018 Subaru Outback vs. Chevy Equinox in Boone, NC

The Chevy Equinox comes available in a more stripped down, cheaper version than what you'll find at nearby dealerships, but that's really for retail orders, so you won't find many of those. We'll compare the next level up to the Outback, which still bests the Equinox in terms of performance, technology and utility. You'll also enjoy the simple setup of the different Outback trim levels, compared to the multiple variations and option packages offered with the Equinox. Too many options and withholding certain features for higher trims with the Equinox means you're most likely going to pay more for the setup you want. See what else makes the new Outback the best bet.

  • Standard AWD with the new Outback is only available as an added option in each trim level of the Equinox, meaning you'll always pay more if you want that level of traction and control on the road, especially if you find your travels take you to areas that see a lot of rain or even snow.
  • Considering they earn the same fuel efficiency levels, you'll love that the new Outback outperforms the Equinox when looking at the base four-cylinder options. The available six-cylinder with the Outback is also more powerful than the available larger four-cylinder upgrades with the Equinox.
  • Important interior dimensions for front leg and shoulder room and for cargo storage space greatly favor the Outback over the Equinox, which will provide a more cramped setup inside compared to the spacious and comfortable cabin in the Subaru.

2018 Subaru Outback vs. Ford Explorer in Boone, NC

It's sensible to compare the new Outback with the Explorer, even though they're pretty different kinds of SUVs. The Outback, as always, is a five-passenger crossover with wagon- and car-like tendencies, while the Explorer is one of the most well-known and renown three-row SUVs on the market, yet both are their respective brands' flagship models. And while the Explorer can accommodate more passengers, you'll find the Outback easily is more versatile and well-rounded for better all-around driving for the Boone area.

  • The first advantage is an easy one, as the Outback is considerably lower priced than the Explorer, when comparing starting trim levels. If you have a set budget, this will allow you to fit more features and an upgraded engine in your Outback edition without spending much more than a similarly outfitted Explorer.
  • Also unsurprisingly, the Outback, in its four-cylinder setup, is far more efficient than the Explorer. There's certainly advantages to a larger, more powerful engine, but earning excellent fuel economy with the Outback makes it a better well-rounded vehicle for every kind of trip.
  • The available Subaru EyeSight safety suite with the Outback offers a far more comprehensive set of driver assistance features like blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warning that provide more security and confidence than similar features offered in the Explorer.



2018 Subaru Outback vs. Nissan Murano in Boone, NC

The Outback still uses wagon-like characteristics and design language to stand out in a crowded SUV market, but it's definitely a crossover worth your time. The new Nissan Murano is similarly styled to be more athletic and lean compared to the average SUV, but from there, the similarities are minimal. The Murano carries only one engine option and starts off at a considerably higher cost than the Outback. With the savings from the base level, you can fit a higher trim level with more features and a similar engine setup for your Outback, which will provide more safety and better technology than similarly priced Murano editions. Take a quick look below to see other important differences between the Outback and the Murano.

  • The starting price of the Outback is considerably lower than the base level Murano. From there, you can select the Outback's larger 3.6-liter six-cylinder engine to match the performance of the V-6-powered Murano, and add more and better features while paying a similar cost to the relatively stripped down Nissan SUV edition.
  • Speaking of engines, the Outback's starting four-cylinder offers you a huge fuel efficiency advantage over the lone V-6 setup of the Murano. While both SUVs are perfect for family driving, the Outback and its excellent fuel economy will be more versatile to take on your daily commuting and other everyday driving duties while costing you less at the fuel pumps.
  • Interior dimensions are practically the same, but where the Outback stands out is its expanded front seat setup. Driver and front seat passenger will enjoy far more leg room and a little more head room up front compared to how the Murano is set up.

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