The Upgraded 2020 Subaru Legacy Offers Excitement we Can't Wait For

Subaru is the kind of automaker that could redesign its cars and crossovers every decade, and drivers would simply be content with the amazingly safe, efficient and tech-filled rides the brand is known for. But if you know Subaru, you know they're always looking ahead, building upon previous improvements to create the kinds of cars that you'll never lose interest in. For us here in Boone, NC, it's the upcoming 2020 Subaru Legacy that has us looking ahead.



Of course the currently available 2019 Legacy is just what you'd expect from Subaru: a sensibly efficient sedan with loads of cabin space, strong safety ratings and lots of helpful tech features. The redesigned 2020 Legacy will build off those ideals, adding refinements in materials used in the cabins, upgraded suspension and engine dynamics and even more standard safety tech, making this a sedan worth waiting for.

For the full-on, complete luxury package in the new 2020 Legacy, you'll be excited to hear about the newly available Touring XT model in this lineup. Premium Nappa leather, a 260-horsepower turbocharged Boxer engine and all sorts of upgrades will turn your Legacy into a car that easily competes with the top sedans out there. Visit us from anywhere in North Carolina to find out more about this upcoming addition to our new Subaru lineup here in Boone.

The 2020 Subaru Legacy will make its debut later this year. In the meantime, visit Modern Subaru of Boone today so we can let you know what makes the redesigned Legacy worth waiting for.

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